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Writing published to date includes:

Here! Dongguan (monthly magazine and website – English language)

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Are you done complaining yet? (cultural piece)
Drink & Dash in Dongguan (Hash Harriers)
Irritation (Fiction)
Leaving Behind Rainbow Valley: Dongguan’s First Everest Survivor
Make A Discovery With Muay Thai
Spoken By A True Cyclist (cycling guide)
Wheels On A Battery Fire (eBike feature)
Wild At Heart – Creatures of Dongguan (wildlife piece)
Word Cup 2018 Preview
Leaving Behind Rainbow Valley: Dongguan’s First Everest Survivor
Irritation (fiction)
Make a Discovery with Muay Thai
Drink & Dash in Dongguan (Hash Harriers/HHH)
St. Patrick’s From Ireland to Dongguan
A Sport Served in Every Town (Table Tennis)

The sadly defunct (monthly magazine, wechat channel and website – multilingual)

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The arts:
Arts Review – Mark Lotz And A Fula’s Call. Arts Review – Mr Walrus.
Atlantic Attraction at Brown Sugar Jar – Arts Review. The Big Band Theory.
Magic Island music festival. Arts Review – Stewart Kohinga & Bethany Peele. The Mighty Orphans. Arts Review – The Blue Man Group. Magic Island 2.
Social culture:
Hash Harriers – A drinking club with a running problem. Going For The Bullseye.
Shopper’s Guide to Shoe Market. Shopper’s Guide To Bike Street.
Shoppers’ Guide To Wanjiang Sportswear Street
Tips for the Classroom 1. Tips for the Classroom 2. Tips for the Classroom 3. Tips for the classroom 4.
Bars and restaurants:
Restaurant Review – Revolving Restaurant
Bar Review – 28 Over Par
Winners Bar – Bar Review
Restaurant Review – Munchalots
Gigg Club (Houjie) – unpublished.
Pioneer chateaux alliance. Restaurant Review – Lauren’s Pizza & Bakery.
Chinese and Western culture:
The Case For And Against Having An Ayi.
The Case For And Against Learning Chinese.
The Case For And Against Driving In China.
The Case for and against China in Space.
The Case for and against ghosts.
Badasses Of Chinese History – Hua Mulan.
Badasses Of Chinese History – Yue Fei.
Badasses of Chinese History: Zhuge Liang.
How To Survive Going To A Cinema.
Dragon boat festival.
Gaucho (south of Brazil) culture.
Sports related articles:
On The Terraces Part I – Blue Dreams
Cycling From Chengdu To Moscow
On The Terraces Part II – Red Screams
Dongguan International Football League – Round 8
Dongguan International Football League – Round 5
Dongguan International Football League – Round 4

Other written media and articles.


Matchday programme editor for Aberystwyth Town Football Club (Welsh Premier League/UEFA Intertoto Cup entrants).
Founder, editor and writer… (see archive), in 2004.
Occasional freelance work for NonLeague News (U.K.) and The Cambrian News (U.K.)

Other notable involvements:

Things that some people may add to a C.V. yet also not add to a C.V.

Volunteer and committee member of Shenzhen Blues (2015 onwards).


Volunteer and Captain of Murray’s F.C. (Dongguan) for 2 years (2016-2017).