Why do you discriminate against me?

Why do you think you’re better?

Who allows you to talk over me?

Am I too unambitious if not a go-getter?

What makes you the king of this castle?

Whose voices are you speaking for?

Why do you bring me all this hassle?

Was it my forefathers in that long forgotten war?

Didn’t you understand the mistakes of the past?

Is it my skin, you fear?

Do you blame me or my people for that blast?

What values should I hold dear?

My religion or your religion?

Hate us? Hate me? Hate our future?

Where is the peace dove or grey sooty pigeon?

What makes you think I’ll level a score?

Equality or inequality?

Why do you raise your voice?

Why do you question my ability?

Why do you ask me for my choice?

Will your hateful words always haunt me?

Do you decry the freedom I seek?

Where is forgiveness and the blossoming new tree of the free?

Are you unhappy that I am not weak?

What makes civilisation?

How do I know that you know?

Where is my destination?

How will you show we can no longer grow?