Aberystwyth Town

Attack after attack;

Balls whipped in deep;

Every game an opportunity;

Running down the byline;

“You’re not fit to referee!”;

Seasiders giving it their all;

Tref am byth!

With black and green, shirts we all dream;

You can do it for our Town;

The past is in books and the future in boots;

Here in Aberystwyth, the teams are all ready.

The women, the men, the boys and girls are ready;

Over to the tea hit for Bovril and Wagon Wheels;

Win, lose or draw, loyal greens forever roar;

Now, where do we begin?

Football at Park Avenue is back;

Our floodlights drape the field in rays;

Our stands sing chants beyond the valleys and hills;

Together we stand and cheer on the teams of Town;

Ball after ball shooting at the goals;

Athletic warriors wear our dream badge;

Loyalty, love and destiny’s results follow;

Let’s feel the mighty movement of Aber;

“C’mon Aber!”, shout the voices from the terrace in the sky.

Look at the linesman and laugh with the fans;

Up, up, and up the table we desire;

Be here now and be there forever Town.


Sweet universal gnawing agent radical.

Superb unit goes against reality.

Swiftly ‘unger grows away right?

Stop using great amounts readily.

Splendid usage goes always running.

Split until garbage alternative route.

Spills up grins and rave.

Stop. Ugh. Grr. Argh. Rah!

S. U. G. A. R.

Penned, April 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Lee

Look as he chops a block of wood,

Exact as it needs to be.

Excitement isn’t the word.

Stare in wonder at his guitar skills.

Have a nice day,

As his

Witty kids jump and shout in high

Voices about how

Esteban’s shadow is hard to escape from.

Really hard, but here’s one talent doing his best and a happy birthday to him today.