The Finale (Act I)

Part 2: Unpacking global issues and the criteria. Learning Engagement 2.

In her recording, the candidate states the global issues immediately: The presence and portrayal of misogyny. The works are clearly introduced. Notes: Ideally the candidate is looking to deliver extract / body of work / extract / literary work (an initial rubric must contain these). All inside 10 minutes with 5 minutes of additional question time. This will satisfy criterion C (organisation & planning). Be casual. Relax. Make the atmosphere welcoming and distraction-free. It’s a weaving tapestry to support the global issue presentation and NOT a review of individual bodies of work. Did the below feel like two separate pieces of work? Yes.

Standing Female Nudes by Carol Ann DuffyGold Digger – Kanye West feat Jamy Foxx
Notes2 intro lines: woman’s lower class/injustice; objectification / misogyny / prostitution; an object of harassment; gender inequalities seen by the woman on the canvas; man’s dominance of female nudity vs. rejection/power reverse. Draws clear analytical pointing (punctuation choice/body part selection). Gives a woman’s perspective. Quotes used effectively.Social status & class; symbolic wealth examples; emotional portrayal; sexual objectification of men; suggests those women who break their class aren’t seen as anything but gold diggers. Descriptive of scene stills.
Analysis of imagery from music video/magazine cover and techniques used e.g. physical positioning. Further analysis of lyrics. Gives a man’s perspective? Key terminology applied.

when, what,
Are either examples relevant towards today’s global issues?

How can you compare or connect these two literature pieces to lives around you? Are these local issues?

Do they hold any global issue connection? Do these matters affect your lives directly or indirectly?

Are there any of Duffy’s body of work pieces that can connect to this global issue? What do you feel about the specific word choices of Duffy?

Which work gains the greater audience for communicating this global issue? Are they equally accessible? Is there a risk that the global issue may get lost in the music?
Which author addresses current global issues more accurately? Do both, in fact, touch on valid matters?

How can you relate the song to your environment? E.g. Are women seen as more important in the factory cities of Guangdong should they become their own bosses?

Do the words of Duffy reflect in those of Kanye West? Is there a contrast between their views?

Does nationality or racial backgrounding affect the portrayal of those featured?
The importance of drawing the BOW (body of work) to the GI (global issue) is becoming apparent.

Part 2: Unpacking global issues and the criteria. Learning Engagement 3.

Listen and write/summarise/respond.

Noted points that support the examiner’s viewagree/disagree with examiner?
Criterion Alacks broader view; superficial observations; wider context lacking; no focus on global issues; argument not fully tied to global issues;agree (3/4)
Criterion Blisted examples/descriptive?; lacks depth of overall analysis; not an evaluation, more of an explanation (too vague); no detailed explanation between the global issue and extracts; agree (3/4)
Criterion Cunclear transitions; messy organisation/cohesion; mostly accurate language usage agree (5/6)
Criterion Dlacks detailed terminology relevant to the text; repetitive; limited awareness delivered;agree (5/6)
OverallAn explanation – not an analysis. Needed linking to several other bodies of works.agree (16/20)

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