The Finale (Act I)

Individual Oral Assessment – Final course revision


Individual Oral Assessment – Reflection point


Individual Oral Assessment – Optional challenges: Your mission, should you choose to accept…

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“What did you learn about the I.O. by going through the process yourself?”

The process has multiple stages and layers, with many things to take into consideration. There are potential stumbling points, matters of concern and regulations to follow. By tackling them, it allows teaching to be better prepared and how to avoid making errors or misuse of time. Seeing other examples and questions from other students allows my lens to be open-minded to varied ideas and challenges.

“How is this going to help you better prepare your students for this assessment task?”

In order to better prepare and plan with and for students, I can tailor the review sessions, issue mock/practice test and teach the skills of test and essay skills in a more effective way. The assessment preparation can be gradual and concise to the need of the students and the course. Through well-designed tests they can assist in learning as well as review functions. Through my own regulation and attempts, I can reassure the students that their progress is on track and also give the students motivation by showing their formative and summative progression. The goals, targets and scales for results can be given clearly and transparently. Incorporating similar activities to the end product will help students be better prepared. Teaching will be aligned accordingly to reduce student worry and stress.

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